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HB2191 HB2264 HB2716 HB2758 HB2916
HB2921 SB1007 SB1077 SB1094 SB1118
SB1270 SB1295 SB1323 SB1799 SB1922      

Below is a listing of the 2012 bills being introduced as well as the writer and a brief synopsis of the contents. The links above take you to the actual bill.

HB2191 - Tibbs - relating to breeding large exotic cats
HB2264 - Cox - transferring licenses of shelters who sell dogs/cats for research from the Health Dept. to the Ag Dept.
HB2716 - Jackson - removing Commercial Pet Breeders Board from Board of Vet Med Examiners; adding police powers to the Board
HB2758 - Cox - horse slaughter tax
HP2916 - Richardson - allowing Dept of Ag to hire attorneys;
HB2921 - Richardson - shell bill regarding Commercial Pet Breeders Board
SB1007 - Stanislawski - relating to County Commissioners and dogs at large
SB1077 - Allen - allowing for sheriffs of counties to enforce nuisance ordinances .5 miles outside of municipalities in their county
SB1094 - Anderson - allowing unlimited doe hunting by license-bearing landowners on their land
SB1118 - Anderson - allowing monetary disbursements by the Commercial Pet Board Chair
SB1270 - Wyrick - allowing hunters to retrieve hunting dogs from unauthorized land without penalty so long as the hunters are not carrying firearms.
SB1295 - Burrage - see HB2716
SB1323 - Holt - allowing no dog kennels within 500 ft of school in municipality of 300,000 or more - predated to June 4, 2008
SB1799 - David - exotic cats removed from exhibition law
SB1922 - Fields - exempting dogs and cats from "domestic animal" definition
SB1933 - Brecheen - repealing Commercial Pet Breeder Act; creating Companion Animal Care Act 


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